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We are a tech company on a mission to
make software engineering more sustainable thanks to code hyper-optimization

Join our hyper-optimization movement and help electronic tech solutions get better for everyone.

The back story

We are all users of digital solutions that offer incredible services and significantly transform almost every aspect of our life and work.

Thanks to these talented and passionate engineers and developers, working alone or in teams, who design and develop these solutions, invisible software made of thousands of lines of code and calculations hides behind each digital and connected device.

But, due to the massive use of connected devices and the growing use of cloud computing, computationally inefficient software has major impact on resources and energy consumption.

Developing software is a complex undertaking that is performed in an environment of constant change and uncertainty. At a key moment for humanity where we must collectively be responsible for our resources, our practices in software development must change. Development teams, as talented as they are, do not always have all the tools, the know-how, the time, the support or simply the right information to commit to it.

This challenge is what drives Justine Bonnot, founder of WedoLow, since her academic research work in signal processing based on approximate computing initiated in 2016.

In working with telecom, automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers, she demonstrated the fantastic potential for gains in energy consumption, execution speed or hardware area

With these results and convinced that the technology she developed could be the next step towards greater digital sobriety, she decided to embark on entrepreneurship with Wedolow.


we believe that environmental issues are an extraordinary opportunity for innovation.
we are convinced that sustainable software engineering can be part of the solution.

Justine Bonnot
Founder and CEO

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
Teleport to be with the people I love whenever I want
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
An agapanthus reminds me of my holidays in Brittany with my parents
Why Wedolow?
It started with an innocent question, « wouldn’t you like to set up a start-up » and became a challenge that I never let go. I am convinced that a new way of coding is possible, so I had to get started!

Adrien Savary
Marketing & Sales

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
Being able to go back in time, without changing anything during the History of course 😏
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
A hydrangea
Why Wedolow?
Incredible ambition and challenges and a leader who makes you want to get involved

Benjamin Barrois

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
Set the time back one hour in winter
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
Better Call Saule
Why Wedolow?
Technically and architecturally ambitious project, mixing desktop/web applications and embedded systems, with everything to invent…and fed up with the south-west, back to the Breton sun

Mickaël Benasse
Front-end developer

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
A bonsai tree
Why Wedolow?
Innovative, ambitious and useful project
affecting many companies and, above all, with an environmental impact.
All this using interesting and modern technologies.

Yann Salaün
Back-end developer

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
Download knowledge directly into the brain as in matrix
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
A fruit tree
Why Wedolow?
It’s a good opportunity that came at the right time

Elisabeth Lopez
HR Director

If you were a word, what would you be?
A superpower?
Immortal or druid
A hashtag?
A plant, a tree or a flower?
Abuttercup flower
Why Wedolow?
The meeting with Justine, her
energizing personality, her
enthusiasm about her project, and the
the desire to help her start her
project, to share my experience with her
experience, to facilitate her « task », to support her
support her in her project.

Julien Heulot
R&D engineer

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

If you have a passion for driving change through the power of software optimization and would like to
join us, feel free to get in touch or keep an eye out for openings in our newsletter

Join us

Ambition to make a difference
Responsibility to contribute through our actions and solutions
Passion as a driver of daily work
Curiosity and creativity at the service of innovation
The success of the company through its impact
Sincerity and mutual trust fostering a warm and stimulating collaborative environment



At Wedolow, we are here to help developers and software engineers to make electronic tech solutions get better.
We want them to be part of the solution by designing optimized software applications as needed.

  • Using less physical resources
  • Using less energy
  • Using energy more intelligently
  • Allowing more updates
  • Allowing more uses for longer


We are building a new way to optimize application software. It’s for everyone involved in software engineering facing and solving sustainability and efficiency issues.
Being efficient and sustainable should not be just for some industries, some companies, some products, some countries, some privileged developers, only because the have time, power, money or large teams to work on it.
We need sustainable code everywhere and make it accessible.

Let’s show that tech innovation and software engineering can be a powerful platform for change not tomorrow, today!
Join our hyper-optimization movement for software efficiency and help electronic tech solutions get better for everyone.

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If you are looking to bring about transformation, want to share insights and use cases from your work or need help getting software optimized , then we’d love to talk.
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