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Computationally inefficient software has major impact on resources and energy consumption

Change is hard but essential
We make it easier for you to get behind change and find new ways in what you do.

changes the way you do software engineering facing and solving sustainability and efficiency issues.

You need

For what?

Cost Savings

Choose the most suited hardware for your application leading to conception costs gains, with an average area saving between 20-40% for varied image processing applications.

Energy efficiency

Optimize the energy consumption of your software application. For instance, for the well-known Fast Fourier Transform signal processing benchmark, a reduction of total dynamic on-chip power of 72.5% has been obtained on an Ultrascale +

Time-to-market reduction

61 % of the embedded projects have finished late or have even been cancelled (Source: EE Times Embedded Market’s Study 2019). Reduce your time-to-market with our automated optimization tool leading to production costs gains, from months to days.

Maintain an optimal pace of development indefinitely while managing the combination of increasing complexity, need for change, updates and maintenance requirements, desire to control costs and environnemental issues.


A few steps ahead your better code

Import your application source code

Import your C/C++ project “compilable” in the tool and fine-tune the optimization parameters

Analysis of your application source code

Analysis of the application code and informations about its behavior (what’s the most computationally intensive, what are the dynamic ranges of the variables… ?)

Generation of the optimized version of your application

Optimization of the application depending on the given criteria (targeted hardware platform, quality constraint, optimization criterion…)

Currently operable for embedded software,
our solution can process applications of

Any size

Up to several dozen functions, in C/C++

Any type

Hardware target (FPGA, microcontrollers, DSP, ASIC)

A wide variety applications

Image/video processing, audio signal processing, wireless communication, etc.

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